Top 5 Healthy Foods That Makes You FAT

Here’s the fastest way to burn your tummy fat off:

Whats up it’s Jonny, and today I’m going to show you the 5 so called “healthy” foods that makes you fat. So pay close attention, or else you’ll never lose that belly and get the lean stomach you’ve always wanted.

**5 fating healthy foods

0:14 #1 Fat breads – Most people think they’re fat which means less calories. But in reality its the same or even more.

0:47 #2 Diet sodas – If you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients in the back of the label, you probably shouldn’t have it. Try to have Crystal-lite instead. they’re zero carb and zero sugar.

2:25 #3 Turkey bacon – Even thou it’s turkey, it’s still fattening and loaded with sodium.

3:30 #4 Light dressing – Light dressing is lighter but it’s still not healthy, and since it is lower in fat… most people end up using more.

5:37 #5 Fat free foods – Most foods with a fat free label is usual loaded with sugar which is just as bad or maybe worse. So make sure you read the label before snacking away.

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