Intermittent Fasting – 2000 Calories Full Day of Eating for Fat Loss And Cutting

Here’s a full day of eating while doing intermittent fasting at 2000 Calories which is my fat loss intake for a rest day.

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Meal 1:
2 Whole Eggs
4 Egg Whites
50g Oats
200g Cottage Cheese
250g Broccoli
100g Cherry Tomato
1/4 cup of Spinach
5ml Olive Oil

Meal 2:
Grilled Chicken ~1.2 breast size
Grilled Potato
6 Tuna Nigiri
Mixed Salad (Green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado)
Chocolate Cake

There’s 2 key benefits to the Intermittent fasting approach when it comes to fat loss and staying in a caloric deficit:

1 – You get to enjoy large meals.
2 – You don’t feel as hungry because you train your body to consume food within an 8 hour eating window.

And these two are very helpful to make the process of getting to lower body fat percentage more manageable.

In a nutshell IF is really just delaying the first meal for a few hours after waking up and then eating the last meal a few hours before bed.

The window can be quite flexible, although it’s a good idea to have some consistency to link the fasting with your circadian rhythm and hunger signaling.

One big downside of the traditional 5-6 meals a day approach is that you’re training your body to expect food every few hours.

And on a diet it can get quite difficult to deal with hunger.

However, the 5-6 meals approach does work as well as IF. It simply comes down to what works best for the individual.

There’s definitely cases where individuals couldn’t adjust themselves to do the 8 hour window Intermittent fasting protocol. And that’s fine.

At the end of the day what matters is that you stay within your daily calorie goal, and that you hit the appropriate macronutrient ratio based on your needs.

Even though fasting can make dieting easier for some people it’s in no way an ultimate one-size-fits-all magical solution for everyone. Keep this in mind.

Additionally, when it comes to eating out on dieting there’s a few general rules I like to follow.

Eating in restaurants can be great, and the food is awesome as well however it’s important to put this into the right context of dieting.

The goal of the chef in the restaurant isn’t necessarily to help you hit your macros. And even though the restaurant can have the nutritional information of every meal outlined the person preparing to food will almost always add more ingredients to make the food tastier.

This is standard practice. And those ingredients are usually added fat in form of oil or butter, and/or extra carbohydrates.

It’s important to know this because as you’re estimating your caloric intake the restaurant meal typically has 20% and up to 50% more calories than you think.

And since you’re aiming to get your weekly caloric deficit this can easily add a lot of extra calories to your diet and put you off your goal.

So my general rule is to eat out only 3-4 times a week if I’m deeper into the diet.

And for all the other meals I will go for homemade cooked meals or food that has clear nutrition labels (cheese, whey, pre-made meat, cans of fish, bread etc…)

This gives you more control over your intake and there’s less risk of overeating.

Enjoy the video, this whole rest day I had about 2000 kcal as a target.

In the end I got slightly more finishing at 2058 calories which is totally fine.

The macros at the end of the day were:
170 grams of carbohydrates
74 grams of fat
168 grams of protein

with 31 grams of fiber

Talk soon, Mario

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