How Much Food Should I Eat? – For Fat Loss

1 simple eating trick to burn belly fat FAST.

What up y’all, It’s Jonny and today I going tell you the perfect amount of food you should eat fat loss. This video will breakdown the exact portions you will need for proteins, carbs and veggies. This way you’ll have the perfect meal sizes for a perfect fat loss program, and to get a perfectly toned body.

Video breakdown:

**Note from Jonny: It’s pretty tough to start eating controlled portions when most of us are used to eating huge giant meals. But once you get used to eating smaller portions, you’ll be satisfied with much smaller meal sizes and actually fell and look a lot better.

**Tips for portion control:

0:08 Stay in control of how much food you consume. Never over eat even if the food is healthy. Being hungry and craving food is totally different.

0:30 Meat portions: Have around 6 – 12 ounces of meat

0:58 Vegetable portions: Have around 1 cup of vegetable.

1:45 How to cook veggies: Make sure you are aware of the seasoning and sauces you are using with the vegetables. These add-on sauces and flavoring can really pack on extra calories. I suggest steaming the vegetable plain or grilling them.

2:18 Carb portions – For Fat loss, I suggest having a lower portion. Half a cup of potatoes, rice and also limit yourself to one slice if you are eating bread.

**Portion size control and suggestions:

3:11 Potatoes: I suggest eating around 50 grams of sweet potatoes per meal.

3:53 Oatmeal: Half a cup of plain oat meal would be sufficient for a fat loss diet.

**Portion size benefits:

5:07 You won’t have crazy food and hunger cravings. If your body is used to having huge meals, then it’s always going to crave huge meals, which will make it tough to lose belly fat.

5:39 By eating smaller portions, your stomach size will actually shrink.

**How many meal a day should I eat?

5:58 Eat 4 – 6 smaller meals a day. A snack and even a portion shake will count as a meal.

7:10 The smaller and more frequent meals will prevent energy crashes.

Follow these tips and I hope this video serves you well.

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I use to suffer with having belly fat. I was always miserable and embarrassed about how I looked. So I tried starving myself and doing a ton of cardio everyday. Not only did it not work… I actually gained more weight! I was so confused and frustrated, until one day I discovered this one eating trick that allow me eat normal again and finally get the lean and toned body I am finally proud of.

Find out how this one eating trick can help you get the toned and athletic body you’ve always wanted.

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See you next time,

– Jonny

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