Food Combining For Weight Loss: 3 Simple Food Combination Tricks

Food Combining – CLICK this link for a FREE 3-Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint you can use with the food combination tricks in this video to DOUBLE your fat loss and make stubborn belly fat your “go-to” energy source

When it comes to long-term weight loss, there’s MUCH more to it than just calorie in/calorie out. How you COMBINE your foods and WHEN you eat them plays a huge role in your fat burning success.

In this video, Shaun reveals:

1. The ONE type of food you should have in EVERY meal to keep your body in a fat burning environment all day long.

2. How to properly “time” your food combinations and food portions so your meals don’t “spillover” into fat.

3. How to use your own hands to easily create portion sizes that take most of the guesswork out of eating for fat loss.

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