Cheat Meals for Fat Loss | Most Insane Cheat Meal – Favorite Cheat Day Foods

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Today video is cheat meal video, and for those who love sweet dishes.

Cheat Meals | Most Insane Cheat Meal – Favorite Cheat Day Foods

This is one of my favorite recipe for cheat day, from past few days I was on very crashed diet for my weight loss.

So, I was thinking about some sweet recipe. I hope you enjoy this, do try this at your home and please share your review also.

Start with chia seeds, soaked 2 spoon of chia seeds in one cup of water for 30 to 45 minutes.

Make normal custard from low fat milk without sugar.

Chop any fruits, I like strawberry, banana, black grapes.

Start with any fruit cake slices, than 3 spoon of chia socked chia seeds, than chop fruits, next layer of custard, repeat same process one more time and finish it with some chop almonds, flex seeds and some chop dates.

Don’t add this recipe in your regular diet, because its not good for weight loss.

you can make this recipe when ever you have craving for some sweets.

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