belly fat diet to lose belly fat.fat burning to burn belly fat.lose belly fat ,belly fat diet to lose belly fat.fat burning to burn belly fat.foods to lose belly fat,And dozens more that were introduced over the next decade without ANY action taken.

Instead, trans fat-laden products like Crisco and margarine became VERY lucrative while the big players in the industry flat out ignored the evidence.

Over the next several years the amount of heart-damaging trans fat in the American diet steadily increased — killing thousands of people and adding on pound after pound of dangerous body fat for millions of others.

In 2006, a whopping 50 years after the very first studies proved they were dangerous — trans fat finally got labeled in the US, and big corporations had no choice but to start removing them from their products.

Let me quickly repeat myself so it sinks in.
It took more than 50 years for consumers to discover they
had been eating these dangerous fats EVERY single day.

Do you really want to wait for the rest of your life to discover that you could be eating unhealthy foods and ingredients that BLOCK your fat loss and expand your waistline?

Of course not.

But don’t worry — you are now seconds away from finally discovering what these foods are and unlocking 80% of your fat loss potential.
How I Discovered The Food Secrets That
Overcome “Bad” Genetics And END Slow
Fat-Loss In LESS Than 24 Hours…

My name is Nick Pineault. I’m an Expert Author and Food Detective, but my friends call me “The Nutrition Nerd”.

I’ve spent the last 7+ years relentlessly researching, reading articles, and analyzing studies to master my knowledge on nutrition and the unique power of REAL fat burning foods.

Nick PineaultWhat I’ve uncovered is startling and it exposes the hundreds of dirty little tricks the big food industry, the diet industry, and even Governments try to hide from you because they don’t want you to know the real truth. These dirty little food tricks age you FASTER, block your body’s ability to burn fat and prevent you from feeling great.

Even though the food industry and traditional dieticians tend to hate me for being honest, I’m on a mission.

So although my findings are highly controversial, dozens of fitness professionals, world-renowned fat loss experts, nutritionists, and doctors from all around the globe put their seal of approval on my research.

Ever since I discovered the shocking truths about a lot of so-called “health foods”, I feel a sense of duty and obligation to share with the REAL truth with the entire world.

That’s why I’ve made it my life mission to transform the life of 1,000,000 people by 2020 with all my food secrets.

In reality, I’m just like you. I want to know EXACTLY what to eatand what to avoid so I can stay lean, year in and year out, without dealing with restrictive, complicated diets, ridiculous one hour exercise sessions, OR having to go broke buying expensive Organic Food every week.

And that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to discover below…
What If I Told You EVERYTHING You Think You Know About Shopping For “Healthy” Food And Eating RIGHT Is DEAD-WRONG?

What if I told you that 99% of foods you “think” help you burn fat and keep you healthy are, in fact, a COMPLETE waste of your money?

And what if I told you that most of these foods contain hidden fattening ingredients that make you pack on the pounds with every bite and it STOPS your body’s ability to burn off ugly fat?

If you honestly think this is no big deal, stick with me.

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