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When you want to lose fat all you have to do is to create a caloric deficit. If you want to lose fat fast, then you have to create a larger deficit.

But the reason most people fail to do this is because they cannot sustain that high deficit for a longer period of time. If you have let’s say 10lbs of fat to lose you’ll have to stay in a 600-700kcal deficit for about 6 weeks.
That sucks because you have to eat very little every day.

But what if you could still eat your favorite treats and big meals when cutting? Would it be easier to maintain that deficit?

You bet.

That’s what Greg has done with the Aggressive Fat Loss Program. As you can see in this video, the way the diet is set up allows you to enjoy very big meals, chocolate and other treats while staying in a comfortable deficit every day!

Training performance and testosterone is maintained, you don’t feel much hunger, and you get plenty of carbs and fat to enjoy your life.

Give it a try!

This system may be the thing you’ve been looking for!
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