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Hey guys! DJ here. Welcome back to another episode of Fat Loss Friday. At the end of his video I’m gonna be giving away a tub of my favorite protein powder, BioTrust. It’s like an all source of protein powder. So, stay tune.
Today, I have question from Khathu Khorommbi, he’s asking, “what is the best fat burning medicine?” Now Kathu, I was promote a really all natural approach to getting in shape, getting healthy, building muscle, burning fat. Okay? So, I don’t recommend you take any fat burning medicines. All those thermogenic fat burners and stuff like that. A lot of stuff that can probably do more harm than good. So, I recommend staying away from those things. But there is one spice that’s actually 20 times more powerful than any other spice at improving metabolic processes helping you burn fat and you probably had it in your kitchen, right now. Before I tell you what that is, I want you to understand why your body stored fat, okay?
Lot of people think, calories in, calories out. If I’m eating more calories than I’m burning then I’m gonna get fat. Well yes, this is true. However, more importantly is how the hormones in your body are acting. Okay? Specifically, insulin.
What is insulin? Put simply, insulin is the key that unlocks the cell and allow nutrients to get stored and absorbed into the cell. Okay? So, if you have a lot of sugar in your blood, the cells will open up because of the insulin and if you’re eating too many calories, then you gonna start storing those nutrients as fat. Okay? So, if you wanna burn fat, if you don’t wanna or if you’re goal is to not store fat, then what you wanna do is to control insulin. And one of the spices that you probably have in your cabinet right now that is 20 times more active than any other spice out there in controlling metabolic processes and burning fat is cinnamon. Alright?
I love this stuff. Cinnamon, i have cinnamon stick, what I do is I take a stick of cinnamon and throw in my blender, I have a really powerful blender, so it disinigrates it into nothing and I throw it in my smoothies in the morning. Also, if you don’t have a powerful blender, I also put ground cinnamon in my morning green drink every single morning. I put on my oatmeal, sweet potatoes. Put on everything. It tastes great and it helps you burn fat. You don’t need any special cinnamon. This is just the same cinnamon that you get in your local grocery store. If you’re looking to burn more fat that’s one of your primary goals. I suggest you go down to your local grocery stores, pick up some cinnamon and you’ll be on your way.
So, who won the BioTrust protein powder this week? The winner is Mario Bosic. Mario says, “I’m 19. Last year I basically went through depression and I always put myself through hell through physical activity because I found that it was the best way to release my stress. That’s when I joined t gym. It changed my life, released so much stress and a year has gone by and from being 65 kilograms, I’m now at 85 kilograms. So, you put on a lot of muscle mass. I go to gym for myself, not to impress anyone but to be the strongest I can possibly be and It will give me the strength to do whatever I want in life. Very very powerful words, Mario. Power to you. I wish you the best. Send an email to greekgods@fitlife.tv. So, we can get your address and ship out a tub of BioTrust protein powder.
So, if you wanna win the protein powder next week, just leave a comment below telling me how fitness and exercise had improved your life. And we’re gonna pick one lucky winner from the comments below. So, if you wanna know more fat burning foods, we have free fat loss report details, 12 fat burning foods, the top 3 fat burning exercises as well as 5 principles of fat loss. You can get that by clicking the download link right below here for free.
Lastly, this is DJ, asking you what do you gonna do today to create your legacy. I’ll see you on Friday. Take care.

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